Human Hair Afro Toupee

How To Wear Your Afro Toupee Properly?

An afro toupee is often used to cover the bald spots & patches on men hair scalp, which can happen due to a variety of factors. They can also add volume to your natural hair that are thin or becoming sparse in different parts of your scalp.

How Realistic & Comfortable Afro Toupee Is?

Thanks to constant hair innovation over the past few years, afro toupee may look virtually indistinguishable from naturally-growing men hair.

They do not even need to be made with genuine men hair to look natural. Of course, some afro toupee is higher in quality than others. Most of the men that have never buy & worn a afro toupee will make mistakes on how to wear it properly if the steps on how to apply afro toupee.

1.In order to wear a afro toupee or any other kind of wig or toupee, you will first need to wrap up your own hair completely close to the hair scalp, otherwise, the afro toupee will be noticeable.

2.Afro toupee needs to be cut, but not too close to the hairline because the hair will start to come off: Afro toupee needs to be cut around 1 ½- 2’’ inches from your hairline.

3.After the afro toupee has been cut off incorrectly the hair will dry & turn brittle. The hair will start to de out because it will no longer look like your own natural hair. It is recommended that you treat definitely stand your afro toupee just like you treat your own natural hair, so keep them in good conditions; you need to condition the afro toupee on your regular basis.

4.When the hairline of afro toupee is cut incorrectly, it does not look like a natural afro toupee or hairline. Try to avoid the bad look on your afro toupee. If you do not know how to cut the afro toupee or how to put it on go to a Professional hairstylist or parlor that knows.

5.Many first-time users apply the wrong type of glue to their afro toupee. Please be advised that the right amount of glue needs to be applied, & must make sure that is dried completely it may take up to 15 minutes for the whole procedure to be completed.

6.Wrong colors are selected when you decide to get a different style or tone of color. Our advice is to choose one color of afro toupee that best matches your skin tone; otherwise, the people will be able to notice that you are wearing a afro toupee.

7.The density of the afro toupee can sometimes be an issue too. Choosing the right percentage of the density of your afro toupee will avoid you from further problems. Getting an afro toupee that has too much density will make you feel really bad from your head. It will be obvious that you are wearing an afro toupee. At the time of purchase, must make sure that you have in mind how much amount of density is that you want your afro toupee to have.

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