Man Unit Hair Piece

How to Wear Man Unit Hair Piece Properly

Man unit hair piece are rapidly rising in popularity, & it’s no surprise with the impressive range of man unit hair piece available. A common question we hear from our male customers is, ‘how do man unit hair piece stay on?’ In this blog post, we will help guide you through the considerations you need to make before purchasing a man unit hair piece that looks natural & is easy to maintain & keep secure.

Gratefully due to the development of man unit hair piece, there are more & more natural looking styles from which to select. Synthetic wigs even help you to save styling time in the evening as the fibers don’t lose their shape. While man unit hair piece is more forgiving thanks to their length, it’s difficult to disguise a badly-fitting man unit hair piece, due to the generally short style.

Therefore, it’s extra-important to choose a man unit hair piece that is fitted to your face shape & provides a natural looking style and hairline. For a truly natural appearance and look, look out for the following features:

How Do Man Unit Hair Piece Stay On?

If you are wearing your first man unit hair piece, you will appreciate the extra reassurance that the man unit hair piece is securely in place & won’t slip. A man unit hair piece is a fine mesh cap that you wear close to your head, underneath your man unit hair piece. Bear in mind; you can reap the benefits of a man unit hair piece regardless of whether you have hair or not. The purpose of a man unit hair piece is multifaceted.

Firstly, it flattens any natural human hair growth flat against your head so that there is no unevenness under the man unit hair piece. Secondly, it protects your scalp from any itchiness of the wig lining & protects your man unit hair piece from sweat & oils. Thirdly, the man unit hair piece creates grip for your wig to bond to while you wear it.

An alternative to the man unit hair piece is a type of band which is, true to its name, a man unit hair piece that fits around your scalp & grips to the wig. The gel-filled wig bands are created for maximized comfort, look & provide soothing properties to your head.

If you’d like to have extra control over your man unit hair piece security, then hair piece is another great option. Man unit hair piece is skin-friendly, hypoallergenic double-sided tape that adheres to your hair scalp & the wig lining, temporarily bonding them together.

It’s extremely important that you don’t apply tape to some areas of your scalp where your natural hair grows as it can damage your natural hair & be painful to pull off! The best way to find the perfect man unit hair piece & wig-security measures is to visit us for a hair-stylist and consultation.

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